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Dr Anna St John at work with the sexy Adult Channel presenter and porn star Michelle Thorne and her horny big dick boyfriend Pete The Meat. A must See Movie !!!

Another fan request

Anna fan mail is arriving now and it will be hard to answer all requests but keep them coming and I will do my best. Anna has always been popular in the past and even more so today. So after posting the image of what it looks like up Anna’s skitrt and the panties she likes to wear here is one for Matty who would like to see Anna with no panties. This was from a set shot in her early days and shows just how fit her body is and we came close to losing her panties completely, perhaps the full on legs spread and her hot pussy waiting to be pleasured in the next one.

Click to enlarge, Esc to closeAnna panties off and bra down exposing her firm pert breasts

Fan request to see up Anna’s skirt

That didn’t take long her first fan request in less than 24 hours and this one is for Pete who wanted to see up Anna’s skirt and peek at her panties and stocking tops. So here you go and as you can see a pretty exciting upskirt shot and she is wearing some really sexy see through panties. Good set of images that one all very retro and she is looking hot too so Enjoy your request Pete we will too.

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Upskirt panty shot

Petticoats and stockings

How about this for real underwear, long line bra, lace petticoats FF nylons lace trimmed French knickers. Now this is when the ladies dressed to look good undressed don’t you think ?? and Anna has the perfect body for this style of underwear.especially her pert breasts in a bullet bra ! Madonna eat ya heart out.


Click to enlarge, Esc to close.Anna teasing you in her lace vintage petticoat and long line bras

Vintage Anna FF nylons desktop

One for the lover of ladies in vintage lingerie and fully fashioned nylons. Anna just loves anything to do with her underwear and especially what the girls wore in the 1950′s and 60′s periods so you will see lots more images and movies of Anna in vintage lingerie.

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Corsets, petticoats and FF fully fashioned nylons the Annn St John wears for you in this free desktop image.

Lesbians in stockings erotic story part 3


Like today, I have been shopping with another stewardess called Maria, she is new to the company and I like her a lot. She is very bubbly and friendly and we have had a great time today, she was like a big kid in a sweetie shop as she walked around the store deciding what she would choose to try on. She has an amazing figure and is a really pretty girl, everything she chose looked so sexy on her and I loved being in the changing room watching her getting excited as she slipped her arms into the lacy bra she had chosen, leaning forward to ease her full firm tits into the cups so they sat snugly inside. I could feel myself getting hot and horny as she stepped into her lacy panties, easing them up over her curvy arse cheeks and I could see her soft mound as she adjusted them around her pussy and I couldn’t wait to get back to our room and see her dressed in her stockings and suspenders. [DYKES IMAGE 7]

Going into the bedroom she said she was excited to try it all on together and as I watched her she carefully slipped her toes into a pair of silky stockings, smoothing her fingers over her legs until the soft silky bands sat snugly around her thighs. Fucking hell she looked wicked as she stood in front of me wearing her silky little lace slip and as she came over to the bed I started to caress her arse cheeks through the soft fabric, loving how firm and tight they felt under my fingers. Easing herself onto the bed she reached out to stroke her fingers slowly up my legs, and as I splayed them a little wider I could feel her caressing my pussy through the silky fabric of my panties. Oh God I was beginning to feel so turned on as she gently eased them to one side, making me gasp out loud as her fingers brushed against my clit. As she slipped her fingers deep inside my pussy and began to finger fuck me I could feel my pussy muscles tighten as she slid in deeper and harder. I could feel my climax build as my back arched off the bed and I was moaning softly as my orgasm exploded out sending my love juice dribbling out around her fingers. [ANNA LOVER IMAGE 8]

As I reached for my favourite toy I watched as she splayed her legs open wide and I can see how damp her pussy is and how much she wanted to be fucked. Gently parting her pussy lips I slowly slipped the toy deep inside and as I begin to thrust it in hard and fast I can see her arse cheeks clench as she moves her body up against it. I can hear her panting as I touch the hard vibrating tip against her clit, moving it in little circular motions as I feel her start to cum. Her body is trembling as she begins to build towards her climax and she gives out a loud moan as she reaches her peak, I can feel her love juice tricking out over my fingers as the last of the pleasurable sensations leave her gasping. Fucking hell she loved my toy, her arse was bucking up off the bed like a professional bronco. Greedy little minx wants more and more and am I fucking glad I have packed extra batteries especially as this is a two night stopover. [BI-SEXUAL IMAGE 9]


Anna the office tease strips in her bedroom

If you like to be teased by a hot lady like Anna talking to you as she strips out of her office girl suit to reveal black lace bra, panties, suspenders and stockings and then really get down to it with you when her panties and bra are off then this movie with Anna getting intimate with you is ready and waiting for you to enjoy with her.